Thursday, 3 March 2016

My Detailed Biography

My name is Aabid Salman, but many know me as Aabid. I’m an Indian, a Chennai native, a brother of 2 and a former resident of the stunning town of Ambur/Pernambut (TN, India). Just an ordinary family man, cat lover, enjoy sunny days, music, beach, a healthy lifestyle with a few bad habits, I'm a film lover, a bedroom DJ, an Apple fan boy and a social media obsessive; which is just another way of saying that I sign up for every service! I am a Social Media Enthusiast, Dreamer, and Community Volunteer. Random Facts My biggest passion is photography. I take pictures on a daily basis, I'm a lover of music, art, and food. I love socializing and trying to live every sacred moment of life. I try to make the most of whatever is happening. In my spare time, I'm a video gamer, and recalcitrant student of life's lessons. I'm an Islamist, humanitarian, tea-drinker, reader, cyclist, optimist, passionate about living life. Sports: Cricket I'm currently working, playing, jumping, creating, and living in Ambur since 1995 and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Iam student right now, but also have a background in culinary arts. I guess that means I could fix your finances and then cook you dinner. I am addicted to give people help whether they asked for it or in case that they don't know that they need it. I learn from everyone even if they are younger than me because I believe that everybody has something to share. In the next 3 years, I would like to pursue a graduate degree, travel the globe exploring its different cultures and environments, and concurrently put all that experience to use for a high-impact, socially-conscious Company. Someday far away, I would like to teach at a college and write books, potentially in the Chennai’s Bay Area. I have a strong eye for typography and enjoy a good read every now and then. Email me if you think that I could help you out. Cheers. hava good time ;)

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